Rep Florida's Finest

This spot is was originally created for The Flowery's friends and family but after some outside pressure we've opened to the public. Occasionally we upload new gear and designs here from our most events and parties or whatever. We do use a third-party supplier to print the products. Thanks for checking us out!

Uly "The Monster" Diaz

The Flowery is Proud to Elevate Our Brother, Uly "The Monster" Diaz, to Achieve Higher Powers In Life.

This collection came as a result of a collaboration between Flowery Family members; Artist Pilpeled and Designer Dustin Copeland.

The concept of Higher Powers started from Uly's personal spirituality expressed in his many tattoos.

"Dios Me Bendiga" his chest reads.

Some feel that Cannabis was given to us by a higher power. It's helped people achieve balance and feel relief from the various pains in their bodies since ancient times.

The typeface and symbols used in the designs were inspired by the first recorded alphabet, which Pilpeled studied extensively.

Come show your support for him at BKFC's KnuckleMania 2, Feb 19th at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.